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I bought an old pub which I’m developing for buy-to-let. I was looking for a cost-effective solution to leaving the building empty and unprotected, as I was very worried about damage from vandals and squatters. A friend had used Guardians of London before and highly recommended your service. Since I got in touch, you quickly secured my building by placing a number of guardians inside to protect it. It cost me so much less than having to board it up and I don’t have any sleepless nights anymore. Cheers!
Tony Compton - Enfield

Property Guardian interview: Tech worker explains how he pays cheap rent to live in London

This 26-year-old tech worker explains how he pays cheap rent to live in a £4.5 million mansion in London

Renting a flat in London is incredibly expensive. But that hasn’t stopped 26-year-old Sam Golden, who moved to London from Preston, from living in luxury.

The tech strategist at Augur and member of the art collective #HAARP has spent the last six months living in a Primrose Hill mansion worth £4.5 million; he pays “a similar rent to someone hiring a single bedroom in Zone 3” with bills included, he told Business Insider over email.

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