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I bought an old pub which I’m developing for buy-to-let. I was looking for a cost-effective solution to leaving the building empty and unprotected, as I was very worried about damage from vandals and squatters. A friend had used Guardians of London before and highly recommended your service. Since I got in touch, you quickly secured my building by placing a number of guardians inside to protect it. It cost me so much less than having to board it up and I don’t have any sleepless nights anymore. Cheers!
Tony Compton - Enfield

About Us

Landlords with short and long term empty commercial and residential properties who don’t invest in security for empty properties, often run the risk of the following:

  • Vandalism
  • Theft of contents or fittings
  • Cannabis farms
  • Illegal parties
  • Squatting or illegal occupation by travellers
  • Dumping of abandoned vehicles or fly-tipping
  • Dilapidation or natural events such as storm damage
  • Public Liability claims resulting from injuries to visitors including intruders
  • Depreciation of property’s value

To prevent the above, landlords are usually forced to hire in expensive security firms or board up their buildings with unsightly metal sheets. Neither of these are satisfactory solutions and both are costly. Metal sheeting looks ugly and can devalue the neighbourhood. In addition, it can encourage those who are seeking to perpetrate crime out of sight. Security companies are expensive to maintain over long periods of time and they are often unable to check all parts of the building or apprehend intruders.

How Guardians of London can Help

Guardians of London provide Security for Empty Properties

Guardians can provide a solution to all of the above issues by arranging for responsible and reliable guardians to move into empty properties, not only to look after them and keep them secure, but also to provide an extra and unexpected income for the landlord.

Landlords stand to benefit financially from this scheme through Guardians of London’s unique offering, where a landlord is paid a monthly amount, calculated depending on the number of guardians and the size of the building. This puts the landlord in the much more satisfactory position of actually earning money on the empty property, instead of continuously spending money to keep it secure and not generating any funds to negate the losses of an unoccupied building.

The guardians themselves are always carefully vetted and have full time employment. They abide by a strict set of rules laid down by the Guardians of London licence. They must keep the property clean and tidy and maintain minor DIY tasks. Guardians of London management will often need to put a number of people into a larger property to ensure that guardians can be there on a shift basis.

Vacant possession can be organised with a 28 -day notice period and this allows the landlord to keep their options open regarding what they wish to do with the property.

The benefit to the guardians is that this scheme allows individuals struggling to find affordable property to rent in London to take advantage of and live in properties that would otherwise remain vacant. They are also given the opportunity to live in quirky or unusual properties in some of London’s prime locations, for a fraction of the price they would normally have to pay in rent. Rooms are available from £60 per week, inclusive of utility bills.

Benefits of using Guardians of London

  • Weekly management fees from as little as £30
  • Physical presence in your property
  • Flexible management contract periods with just 16 days’ notice
  • Savings of up to 80% against traditional methods
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Reduction on business rates
  • Minor repairs by our guardians to your property
  • Provision of access to agents at 24 hours’ notice
  • Changing the image of the building from vacant to business as usual
  • Risk assessment for fire and PAT testing
  • All our guardians are from key worker sectors and the professions, aged 25-35
  • Regular inspections of property and grounds
  • Regular reports on the state of your property

Next steps

If you are a landlord with an empty property or if you would like to apply to become a guardian, contact us now on:

Call us now on 0044 7921 255451