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Free Landlords Report
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I bought an old pub which I’m developing for buy-to-let. I was looking for a cost-effective solution to leaving the building empty and unprotected, as I was very worried about damage from vandals and squatters. A friend had used Guardians of London before and highly recommended your service. Since I got in touch, you quickly secured my building by placing a number of guardians inside to protect it. It cost me so much less than having to board it up and I don’t have any sleepless nights anymore. Cheers!
Tony Compton - Enfield

How long will I be able to stay in a property?

We protect our clients’ properties for varying lengths of time. However, on average, it is for a period of 6–8 months. We will always endeavour to offer our guardians alternative accommodation once a property is due to be handed back.

Are the rooms furnished?

All rooms are unfurnished, and you are welcome to bring your own furniture into the property to arrange the rooms in any way that you prefer.

What are my duties as a guardian?

Your duties are to protect and preserve the property by residing there on a full time basis, reporting any threats and/or risks to the property from vandals, trespassers and squatters and reporting any issues (e.g. leaks, broken windows) which may adversely affect the structural integrity and infrastructure of the property.

What kind of property will I be living in?

We have a range of properties in London, some are more central than others. We do get new properties on our books all the time, but due to the temporary nature of the arrangements with the client, we cannot predict where or when our next property will become available.

What are the benefits to guardians?

Apart from finding affordable housing in areas that they may not previously have been able to afford, our guardians report that they have made firm friends with other guardians in their properties, as they look after each other both in the property and out. They often help each other find new jobs or with business

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Is there any kind of property that you can’t put guardians into?

Not really, unless it is severely dilapidated. If we can put a shower unit and kitchen facilities in and it’s watertight, then we can put guardians into it. The bonus for them is that they can often arrange the internal space to suit themselves. If it is an open-plan office building, a guardian can sometimes

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Are the agreements Guardians of London uses for guardians legally binding?

Guardians of London uses temporary occupation licences, rather than tenancy agreements, to contract our guardians. These licences are regularly checked against current jurisdiction. The licence is a special agreement and not a tenancy with tenancy protection and termination periods.

What happens if squatters break in while I’m at work?

This is breaking and entering and the squatters are now committing a criminal offence and will be arrested.

What happens if a guardian causes damage?

If a small amount of damage is done, this will be covered by the guardian’s own personal liability insurance and Guardians of London will deal directly with the guardian over this matter. If a large amount of damage is done to a property by a guardian, this will be covered by the property’s building insurance.

What about other risks to occupants?

Unlike other guardian companies, we include a full property H&S and Fire Risk Assessment. It’s also worth noting that many firefighters and police officers are in fact guardians and the fire brigades rate guardianship as a very effective and economic way of housing their officers within the city and near to their place of work.